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You need to engage and inspire the whole organisation. We support you to spread the story with visuals, animations or practical tools like games or job-aids to help people understand, experience and adopt new ways or working.

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Design for Change Activation: hear it, believe it, live it

Through a combination of our workshops and clear communication design, we can align everyone involved and make change happen – we help you mobilise the coalition of the willing to create the critical mass and get your organisation on the move. We make sure people progress through our activation pyramid:

  • Hear it – people should be able to grasp the bigger picture and hear the overall story.
  • Believe it – from the bigger picture they want to be able translate the core message to their own daily work and understand how they fit in the envisioned future. We build additional communication tools, like games to make sure they’ll accept and actively adopt to the vision.
  • Live it – ultimately people align their action to the vision in their own adopted way of working, advocating the change among their peers and embodying the new culture. In this phase visual story telling can help spreading success stories and best practices across teams and silos.

For whom?

Teams or organisations who want to safeguard a successful change of direction, strategy or vision, and effectively implement their ideas. Our clients work with us on a range of topics like a shift in company culture and strategy implementation; varying from internal strategy teams and communication and HR business partners within large corporations to SMEs, typically up from 50 fte.

What we do?

What we do

We take care of the entire process:

  • Help you navigate complex change projects by clarifying and visualizing your Vision, Roadmap(s) or Strategy.
  • Create communication materials to clearly explain the challenge at hand and the way forward
  • Empower your organization to be involved in the change and tell the story


  • You can make change happen smoothly and effectively.

Interested? Let’s connect. We can provide you with more tailored information. Not sure where to get started? Book a basecamp session with our staff to discover the right way forward.

Want a first draft of your communication roadmap?

Basecamp Session

A session solely focused on navigating your strategic challenge and building communication roadmap and activation program. We facilitate your team with a session in our design space in Rotterdam and provide you with a sketch of the way forward afterwards.

Basecamp Session Learn more Normally bookable within a week
Senior Design Consultant

Janita van Ginneken

Contact Janita for a in depth discussion of your goals and possible solutions on change and activation programs.

Janita van Ginneken