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Design your Strategy

You want do design a desirable future for your organization in a way that aligns your team. We partner with teams to define their purpose, envision a new future, and then co-create the strategy to make that future real.

Let's create your strategy together.

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Designing a strategy

Flatland helps management teams design business strategies using visual thinking. By co-creating the new way forward as a partner of your team we empower and enable the people that need to make it real. So your organisation is the owner, not the receiver of the strategy.

We believe strategy should be simple enough to be remembered and beautiful enough to be put up on a wall. We fully facilitate your team in having productive dialogues to answer the fundamental questions surrounding a strategy:

  • What do we want? Your why and desirable future.
  • What do we need to do? The relevant surroundings, trends, developments and the forces it applies on your business.
  • What are we able to do? Your abilities as an organisation, now and in the future.
  • How do we move forward? The resulting choices and priorities placed in time.

Our process can vary from a short engagement for a two-day off-site to a longer program with a broader scope and involving multiple teams. The tangible end result is a one-page visual strategy that enables you to convey one, simple strategic story.

Afterwards, we often help them to further spread and activate the key elements from the strategy across their organisations, read more about activation here.

For whom?

Our clients work with us strategies on different levels, from complete overhauls to yearly updates; varying from large corporations – from board level to more tactical teams – to SMEs, typically up from 50 fte.

Working with Flatland has brought our clients:

  • greater clarity about their strategy
  • an improved experience in the strategy creation process
  • more engagement from their team and employees, leading to better business results


Visual Strategist

Simone Heemskerk

Visual Strategist Simone Heemskerk has 20 years of consultancy experience. Drop a line and connect to learn more about the possibilities.

Simone Heemskerk