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“So, what is it you guys do exactly?” A seemingly simple question that is deceptively hard to answer for many of the teams we work with. A lot of these teams work on complex issues in niche areas and by the very nature of their work, very few people outside of the core team really understand what it is they do.

For these teams, telling their story in an engaging way without either oversimplifying or overcomplicating their message can be quite a difficult task. We have been fortunate enough to have worked alongside many different teams crafting scores of stories over the past years and we have found our combination of visual thinking and design thinking methods to be a highly effective way to create stories that engage audiences and unite teams behind a shared story.


When Rabobank’s Radical Automation department contacted us last year to create a shared a story for them based on their vision, mission and product portfolio we knew we were up to the task. And while every case is different and we customize our process based on the specifics of a project, our work with the teams from Radical Automation is a good example of the way we approach these cases.


At the launch event the finished story was presented by the head of department and the entire team was given the tools to practice their pitch based on the newly developed story and visuals.

At the end of this process the story of Rabobank Radical Automation had really became the team’s story and every member of the team was able to tell their story with confidence.

We had a great time working with the team and experiencing the collective pride that was felt in telling their story in such a captivating way to the various clients and stakeholders that were gathered at the launch event was a great way to end this project.

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