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HU - Drawing in higher education


Being able to translate thoughts and concepts to a drawing is an essential skill for designers. This is why the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences’ department of Communication and Media Design asked us to help them reintroduce drawing to the class room. This was necessary as students would spend a lot of time in their default workspace: the laptop. 


Over a period of three months we trained the department’s staff in the skill of visual thinking and helped them to prepare materials, classes and methods to teach students how to work and think visually.

Learning activities:

  • Basic training
  • Building a visual library
  • Mapping learning journeys 
  • Application of facilitation tools
  • Use of visual templates
  • Drawing on a flipover and creating a presentation poster


The teachers reported greater confidence in drawing and teaching drawing. Trough the teaching materials, class activities and lesson programme they were able teach drawing to their students.


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