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Summit, Event, or Retreat?

For us the goal of the get-together defines our approach and role.

A summit marks an important point in a bigger process, for example a top 50 meeting of a large organization redefining its strategy. We’ve supported companies like ING and GSK in facilitating these key events.

On the other side of the spectrum, a retreat or off-site is aimed to offer a smaller team the opportunity to take a step back, develop new perspectives on a topic and each other. We help you prepare the program and facilitate the off-site.

During events you have a diverse and large group of people in the room and you like to create a shared understanding and share knowledge. We can help you to make it last by designing the experience and visually capture the contents.

We have a broad and international experience in designing, facilitating and capturing important moments. For hosting, facilities and traveling we work with partners.



  • What experience do you have with facilitation?
    We have a broad experience in facilitating teams on tactical and strategical level in large organisations. On a daily basis we work with groups on C-level and challenging stakeholders settings.
  • Are you available for international engagements?
    Yes! 🙂 So far we worked in engagements across Europe, US, Brazil, India, China and UAE.
  • Can I use the visual end results in communication?
    Yes of course! We help you define the right formats and help you spread and amplify the results. We offer tangible formats like  interactive webpages, animations and printed booklets summarising the event and make it easy to share the impact afterwards.
  • Can I hire a single graphic recorder?
    As you might gather from this page we only engage in a project when we have a broader role in co-designing and facilitating the event. We don’t do visual recording on the side when we’re not involved otherwise.
  • Are you available next week?
    Probably not. Short term engagements are often preventing a thorough preparation. Most of the time, projects need a minimum runway of 10-12 weeks from first point of contact to the event itself.
  • Can you host an event at your office in Rotterdam?
    Yep! We can host groups in different settings (30-40 in creative setting to 50-70 in theatre). And off course, we have wide range of options available through our partners.
  • How does a project start?
    There are several ways to start project with us, but most of the time we start with a journey design session based on your goals, means and target group. This results in a visual event model canvas and presentation you can use to convince stakeholders and plan your event!