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Design Sprints

What is a sprint?

A sprint embodies a series of workshops that lead to a validation of your idea – whether it’s a new product, strategy or process. Therefore, ALL stakeholders will be present in the room at some point during the process. We help you to define the challenge, and facilitate the process from beginning to end by making problems, barriers and solutions visual and visible. This enhances the process and amplifies your impact when you communicate and present your insights afterwards.

For whom?

The sprint format typically appeals to teams and organizations that like to foster an agile work environment – and therefore need to move fast. A sprint enables you to develop concepts quickly and efficiently. Secondly, we will be able to validate whether your strategy aligns with your stakeholders – and keep your business moving forward.

We facilitate teams on all levels within organizations. Our recent clients include DHL, Nationale Nederlanden and APM Terminals.

How it works

We take care of the entire process;

  • We host the Sprint sessions at our office, or an external location
  • We create the needed visuals on the spot
  • We deliver all resulting visuals


  • You can quickly, effectively and convincingly share your story and the results with your audience

We’re able to host groups up to 20 people in our own design space in Rotterdam – but would recommend you to involve a maximum of 8 people in the design team.