Pulse - Visualizing Core Values
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Pulse - Visualizing Core Values


Pulse is a rapidly growing IT company. With a growing company comes the need to (re)define your own core-values and find a way to bring them to life. We helped to build visual story to share their core values. Storytelling helps to take the values from just words to a more engaging and memorable experience.


We hosted and facilitated co-creation sessions with a selection of Pulse employees from different teams to explore what the core-values mean in more detail and build a common (visual) story.

The final deliverable is used to explain the core-values in a visual way to new and existing employees.


  • Co-creation Workshop
  • Validation Session


  • A shared visual story
  • Proud employees
A Visual Story

A Visual Story

We developed one clear visual that tells the story of Pulse’s core values.┬áThe final deliverable is printed at a large size and is used to explain the core values in a visual and compelling way to new and existing employees.


Janita van Ginneken

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Janita van Ginneken