PWN - A visual watercompany
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PWN - A visual watercompany


The Dutch Province of North-Holland’s water company PWN is among the most innovative in the Netherlands. From their innovation lab in the 3dmakerszone hackerspace in Haarlem, PWN aims to transform not just it’s own innovation capacity, but the capacity for technological innovation of the entire region. In order to help foster cross disciplinary collaboration, PWN asked us to introduce them to Visual Thinking. 


We have trained over 150 people through continuous training programmes. And visuals have become a staple of events and makeathons that are hosted by PWN.

Learning activities

  • Basic training
  • Visual presentation training
  • Visual facilitation training


At the moment working in a visual way has become a standard part of innovation event or make-a-thons, organized by PWN. People that have been trained have become ambassadors of this new way of working. They apply their new skills with confidence in their teams.