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We believe everyone can draw and thinks visually. We help you to elevate these skills and make them valuable for your daily teamwork.

What can the academy do for you and your team?

We help people to develop themselves in understanding, practicing and applying the principles of Visual Design Thinking. Making things visual combined with a design approach is the ideal way to create an understanding of abstract and complex notions, both for yourself and for others.

With our training and in-company programs we help individuals, teams and organisations to adapt a new way of working. By using Visual Design Thinking you can:

  • Make more sense; get grip, an overview and understanding on complex subjects
  • Make more speed; work more effectively, collaborate better and experience better processes
  • Make more fun; with a hands-on approach we make it into and enjoyable and energetic learning experience

Make more sense, more speed, more fun in collaborating on ideas and presenting your plans.

For whom?

For everyone who works together; in teams, with colleagues or clients. For CEO’s, entrepreneurs, managers, researchers, content developers, engineers and consultants.

The power of Visual Design Thinking works on strategic, tactical and operational level.

What you will learn

In our training you will learn the basics principles and skills of drawing in your daily business.

You’ll learn:

  • To be confident to draw.
  • to structure complex information in a visual way
  • to make and share your plans, thoughts and ideas by visualising them
  • to create a shared understanding and work together more effectively, using visuals
  • visual design thinking methodologies to improve processes

In-Company Programs and Open Courses

We design training programs for your specific needs. Our programs always starts with the basics of Visual Thinking. Our Visual Thinking programs continue from the basics into a variety of modules custom made for your leaning needs.

  • Training Visual Thinking – Basics 101
    This training is as well open for individual application.

Optional modules:

  • Communication Design
  • Visual Facilitation
  • Visual Presentation
  • Storyboarding
  • Customer Journey
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Open Training 'Basics 101'

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Our trainers have years of experience in visual thinking projects. From strategy sessions in boardrooms up to participation dialogues for municipalities. We are aware of the challenges in organisations and are passioned to help you further.

Senior Design Consultant

Niva van de Geer

Has a background in law. Yes, it does exist. Master in structuring your thoughts visually.

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Niva van de Geer
Senior Design Consultant

Thomas van Daalen

Loves to help you make ugly but fast drawings.. “its’ not about art”.

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Thomas van Daalen