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Create a shared story

You want people to understand a complex topic. Whether you already have a rough outline of your ideas, or you are just in too deep for too long – our method will help you further clarify, articulate and validate them.

Design for Communication

We help to make ‘the complicated’ simple to understand. It could be an animation, an infographic, event or experience to bring your ideas to live… anything compelling enough to reach your goals.

Roughly, our process brakes down to the following steps:

  • Clarity – a session in which we take a deep dive into your content, define goals and want to understand your target audience. The first phase creates a logical overview (map).
  • Story & Validation – the point in de process where we create a story or metaphor based on your content, but now translated to – and tested with – the target audience. This is where the bridge is build between logic, the bigger picture and the hearths and minds of the audience.
  • Deliver – delivery of the communication tool(s) and design of the delivery moment.

For whom?

Communication Design is perfect for an individuals or teams who are having a hard time completely understanding or expressing a complicated idea. This could be a new concept, strategy or solution of any kind. Together we map the complexity, this also works well if you (or the team) do not have a complete understanding of your challenge yet. Together we develop the best way to explain the content to your audience.

Our clients work with us on product innovation, customer experience, a shift in company culture and strategy implementation; varying from large corporations to SMEs, typically up from 50 fte.

What we do?

  • We take care of the entire process and partner with you and your team;
  • We host a session at our office, or an external location to get people out of their daily context
  • We create sketches and prototypes to validate if the story is understood by your target audience and stakeholders.
  • We test, iterate and improve the design and deliver all communication tools like animations, interactive websites or printed materials.
  • We help you deliver the message by consulting on the way the message is delivered through events and the different on- and offline channels.

Facilities – We’re able to host groups up to 20 people in our own design space in Rotterdam – but would recommend you to involve a maximum of 8 people in the design team.


If you’re not sure where to start, a basecamp session could be an ideal, quick and effective way to get started and define a way forward

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