Communication Design

Clarify complexity and create visual communication tools.


What is Communication Design?

So you understand a complicated idea or concept: but what is the best way to explain it?

We help to make ‘the complicated’ simple to understand. By showing, rather than telling we can make ideas or concepts accessible to your audience. Find out how you can create structure and clarity, and select the right medium. It could be an animation, an infographic, a storyboard, a presentation or anything visual to get your point across. We facilitate the entire process and provide you with the skills and tools you need.

For who?

Communication Design is perfect for an individuals or teams who are having a hard time completely understanding or expressing a complicated idea. This could be a new concept, strategy or solution of any kind. Together we map the complexity, this also works well if you (or the team) do not have a complete understanding of your challenge yet. Together we develop the best way to explain the content to your audience.

Create structure and clarity. Present your ideas clearly.

What we do?

We take care of the entire process;

  • We host a session at our office, or an external location to create clarity and understand your complex challenge
  • We create concepts and sketches to validate and test if the story is understood
  • We test, iterate and improve the design
  • We deliver all communication tools


  • You can quickly, effectively and convincingly share your story and the results with your audience