Change Activation

Get everyone involved. Make change happen!


What are Change Activation Programs?

Are you expecting a change in vision or strategy or do you want to find the most effective way to activate your audience? With change you can expect a fair amount of resistance. Help your team or organization transition smoothly! Through a combination of our Design Sprints and clear Communication Design, we can align everyone involved and make change happen.

Who likes Change Activation Programs?

Teams or organisations who want to safeguard a successful change of direction, strategy or vision, and effectively implement their ideas. Change Activation Programs provide a roadmap that creates clarity and structure for everyone involved and create the space to get your organization engaged and moving.

What we do?

We take care of the entire process;

  • Help you navigate complex change projects by clarifying and visualising your Vision, Roadmap(s) or Strategy.
  • We host sprints and co-creation sessions at our office or any external location
  • Create communication materials to clearly explain the challenge at hand and the way forward
  • Empower your organisation to be involved in the change and tell the story


  • You can make change happen smoothly and effectively.