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Zadkine Strategy

Recently three departments merged together, bringing lots changes for the teaching staff. The different teams hold different cultures and values. Their main question was: How do they found common grounds to build a shared vision?

Together with the client we designed and facilitated a two-day program. We mapped out the common grounds, visualise the motivators for the team members and find shared building blocks for a shared vision for the future. During the program, the results were visualised trough life drawing.

A final delivery was on online interactive, based on the life drawings during the session.

Activities & Outcomes

  • Building connectedness within the team on a visual way during a two day strategy sprint
  • Future visioning in a visual way
  • Improved connectedness between employees
  • Insight in the current strengths and opportunities of Zadkine Startcollege.
  • Building blocks for the new strategy.

The interactive presentation can be found through: