DHL Express - Employee Survey Campaign
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DHL Express - Employee Survey Campaign


DHL Express conducts a yearly employee opinion survey across all of its employees to measure employee engagement and gather valuable feedback on the performance of strategic topics. The topics in the survey are often abstract and on a strategic level. Many employees seemed to have trouble relating the questions to their day-to-day work or struggled to see the value of their input. Our challenge was to help increase employee response and create better understanding of the topics. Ultimately leading to more employee engagement and more valuable feedback.


We developed a campaign to engage all (10.000+) employees across different DHL hubs in Europe. We co-created communication materials which were tested with representatives from the different hubs throughout Europe. The campaign takes people on a journey that connects high level strategic topics to day-to-day work and activities of employees. This resulted in visual presentations and posters to help supervisors explain what the EOS and its topics are about and individual materials for all employees.


  • Co-creation workshops
  • Developing a campaign concept
  • Designing a delivery plan & materials


  • Presentations and poster for all supervisors
  • Booklets and leaflets for all individual employees (10.000+)
  • All materials designed and printed in 6 different languages