CCS - Jaarplan & Visie
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CCS - Jaarplan & Visie

Vraag: Hoe kunnen we met alle afdelingen gezamenlijk een jaarplan vormgeven?

Proces: Faciliteren en uitwerken van twee teamdagen.

Klant: CCS (Insurances Software)

Towards the end of the year the CCS Management Team and the team leads (35 people) were in the process of making their annual plan for 2019. The overall strategy and individual team plans had to be presented to the supervisory board within a month time.

We facilitated two team day session in which we gathered the necessary input. Starting the first day with a crash course Visual Thinking we triggered all the participants to use drawings in the following exercises. By using templates for the teams and giving them small but constructive homework exercises they could visually present their plans for the upcoming year. By the end of day two we had all the input, prioritized the content and made the first sketch.

We worked towards the final deliverable with a smaller team. The final visualisation was printed on large foamboard panels so it could be used during presentations. An even larger visualisation is now hanging in the entrance of the office to engage the whole company, partners and clients.